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APFRFAdvanced diagnostics56
High Power PFMather type60
Low Energy PFMather type60
Motor Generator (2 GJ, 200 MVA)61
Cryogrnic helium refrigerator (9kW, Supercitical helium) 61
Neutral beam injector heating facility (100 keV, positive ion source)61
DU SPOVE (Experimental Apparatus for the ITER Tritium Storage and Delivery System)One of ITER Fuel Cycle63
Electron impact excitation cross section measurement systemExperimental Set-Up64
Electron impact total scattering cross section measurement systemExperimental Set-Up64
KoHLT-EB (Korea Heat Load Test facility - Electron Beam)High heat flux test facility65NONE
GAMMA-FR (GAs Multicomponent Mixture transient Analysis code for Fusion Reactor)Safety analysis code for fusion reactor65NONE
Neutral Beam Test Stand (NBTS)Steady-state neutral beam65NONE
High Performance Workstation Server Calculations for Atomic Data and  CR Modeling Relevant to Spectroscopic Diagnostic Server66
SOL Ion Irradiation SimulatorElectron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma68
Transient Heat Load SimulatorTransferred Cathode Type Magnetic Driven Arc68
Divertor Heat Load SimulatorHollow Electrode Thermal Plasma Torch68
Macro-indentationMechanical characterization69
InstronMechanical characterization69
ARC MelterCasting69
TReD(Transport & Removal Experiment of Dust)linear
Hollow Cathode DC chambervacuum chamber for plasma generation71
CR calculation codeCollisional radiative model calculation code for atomic hydrogen, MATLAB71
Tungsten Filamen chambervacuum chamber for plasma generation71
Soft X-ray array diagnostic systemX-ray detection
High Power/energy Laser system with high repetition rate~ 10HzDiode Pumped Solid State Laser73
Thermal Desorption SystemHome-made74
Hydrogen-isotope Permeation Measurement SystemHome-made74
Membrane Materials for Storage and Delivery System (SDS)R&D75
SiC/SiC fabrication by hot pressing & joiningSiCf/SiC76
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