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General Information


The objective of this workshop is to evaluate and compare the different coolant options which may be considered for nuclear applications with fast neutron spectrum: fusion, fission and accelerators, to compile the current state of knowledge, and to address research needs identified in experiments and in operation. Systems cooled by light and heavy liquid metals, molten salts, as well as gas and water choices will be considered.

Meeting Organization and Format

The meeting will consist of invited talks, oral presentations, and a poster session. The time allocated for invited talks is 25 min and 20 min for oral presentations. One page abstract should be submitted in all cases.

An electronic projector connected to a computer capable of reading CDs and memory sticks will be available for the presentations (Power Point or pdf recommended). It is expected that the meeting will start at 13:00 on 5 July 2017 and end by 16:00 on 7 July 2017.



The working language of the meeting is English; no interpretation will be provided.


Experts from IAEA Member States and International Organizations are expected to attend the meeting. Participants should be actively involved in the topics of the meeting. Participants will be accepted only if their duly completed Participation Form (Form A) is transmitted to the IAEA through their appropriate governmental authority by 5 May 2017.


  12 May

Extended Deadline for abstracts submission

5 May

Deadline for the Participation Form submission and financial support request

23 May

Participants will be informed about the acceptance of their papers

23 May

Grant awards

5 July

Meeting begins