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General Information

23rd IAEA Technical Meeting on the
Research Using Small Fusion Devices

29 - 31 March 2017



The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will hold the 23rd IAEA Technical Meeting on Research Using Small Fusion Devices from 29 to 31 March 2017 in Chile. Previous meetings in the series were held in Budapest (1985), Nagoya (1986), Nice (1988), Washington DC (1990), Hefei (1991), Wuerzburg (1992), Campinas (1993), Madrid (1994), Ahmedabad (1995), Prague (1996), Cairo (1997), Tokyo (1998), Chengdu (1999), Sao Paulo (2002), Vienna (2003), Mexico City (2005), Lisbon (2007), Alushta (2008), Kurchatov (2009), Vienna (2011), San José (2014) and Prague (2015).


The Technical Meeting on Research Using Small Fusion Devices is an ideal forum for laboratory size fusion experiments to report about their latest achievements utilizing medium size and small scale tokamaks, compact tori, dense plasma focus, reversed field pinches, helical devices, linear machines, and other small plasma devices. About 40 – 50 international experts will discuss new challenges on topics concerning plasma physics such as transport, turbulence, confinement and stability and on technology developments such as new diagnostic concepts and prototypes, materials testing as well as characterization and improvement, remote participation experiments and design of control and data acquisition systems and others. Special emphasis is put collaboration between the laboratories on new and emerging technologies.
The Technical Meeting is aiming to stimulate new synergies which can contribute to better streamline the research outputs to the mainstream fusion research. Of importance are the contributions of younger scientists, especially from countries with emerging economies. Depending on the availability grants will be provided to young researchers to support their contribution to the Technical Meeting.
Main emphasis will be put on the specific needs of the magnetic confinement and the dense plasma focus community, where some topics will be discussed in separate sessions in order to accommodate in-depth discussions for the specialists.



The objective of the meeting is to provide a forum for discussion of approaches to fusion research based on small and medium scale devices, such as small tokamaks, compact tori, dense plasma focus, reversed field pinches, helical devices, linear/discharge machines, etc. The meeting will also cover other devices such as non-magnetic confinement devices, devices using beams or lasers and new trends or innovation concepts for fusion research. The meeting will provide an opportunity for scientists working in different fusion topics and different devices to exchange and discuss results of their research, compare methodologies and promote possible collaborations.



The meeting will cover the following topics:

     1. Magnetic Confinement:
- A-OV Overview;
- A-SP Specialized Session Magnetic Confinement;


     2. Dense Magnetised Plasmas:
- B-OV Overview;
- B-SP Specialized Session DPF;


     3. Innovative Fusion Technology and Applications;

     4. Fusion Materials Research;

     5. Diagnostic Systems and Components;

     6. Control and Data Acquisition Systems and Remote Participation Tools.



15 February 2017 Deadline for abstracts submission

20 February 2017

Deadline for the Participation Form submission

27 February 2017

Participants will be informed about the acceptance of their papers

27 February 2017

Grant awards

29 March 2017

Meeting begins