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General Information

3rd IAEA Technical Meeting
on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis

IAEA Headquarters
Vienna, Austria

28–31 May 2019


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will organize the third Technical Meeting on Fusion Data Processing, Validation and Analysis from 28 to 31 May 2019 at the IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria. The objective of the event is to provide a platform on which topics relevant to fusion data processing, validation and analysis may be discussed with the view of extrapolating the needs of next-step fusion devices such as ITER (‘International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’). The validation and analysis of experimental data obtained from diagnostics used to characterize fusion plasmas are crucial for a knowledge based understanding of the physical processes governing the dynamics of these plasmas. The event will aim to foster, in particular, discussions about research and development results that set out or underline trends observed in the current major fusion confinement devices.

A tutorial session titled ‘A brief overview of probability theory in data science’ of about 75 minutes, to be given by Mr Geert Verdoolaege, is planned for Monday, 27 May at 14:00 in meeting room C2.

Registration for the tutorial session is required: Please send an email to Fusion Physics-Contact Point ( before 22nd May.


It should be sent electronically to
Fusion Physics-Contact Point (

The abstract should be in A4 page format, should extend to no more than one page (including figures and tables).


4 February 2019 Abstract submission opens

25 March 2019

Deadline for submission of abstracts according to the instructions above for paper selection

25 March 2019

Deadline for submission of Forms A, B and C through the appropriate governmental authority

24 April 2019

Participants will be informed about the acceptance of their pape

24 April 2019

Grant will be awarded

27 May 2019

Tutorial session: "A brief overview of probability theory in data science" by Mr Geert Verdoolaege at 14:00 in meeting room C2

28 May 2019

Event begins