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Monday, 12 June

Session 1, 2:

Chair: V. Pastukhov

      I-1: Del Sarto D.
   Fast secondary reconnection in the sawtooth crash

      I-2: Imada K.
  Finite orbit width effects on NTM threshold

      I-3: Brunetti D.
  Analytic characterisation of ideal infernal type instabilities in tokamaks with large edge pressure gradients

      O-1: Ferrari H.E.
  An Effect of ideal kink instabilities on particle redistribution

Session 3:
Basic tokamak physics

Chair: D. Del Sarto

      O-2: Nicolas T.
  Self-collition algorithms for Fokker - Planck operator simulation in full - f PIC codes and direct verification of classical transport

      O-3: Qi L.
  Bounce-averages gyrokinetik simulation of trapped electron turbulence in elongated tokamak

      O-4: Migliano P.
  An improved approximation for the analytical treatment of plasma kinetic linear instabilities in toroidal geometry

      O-5: Grosshauser S.R.
  Role of linear dynamics in saturated gyro-kinetic turbulence

      O-6: Elfimov A.G.
  Excitation of Geodesic modes by plasma fluxes during neutral beam injection in tokamaks

Session 4:
Transport Barrier

  Chair: S. Mahajan

      I-4: Galassi D.
   Impact of diverted geometry on turbulence and transport barrier formation in 3D global simulations of tokamak edge plasma

      O-7: Pastukhov V.P.
  Simulations of self-sustained turbulent convection and formation of ITB in tokamak core plasmas

      O-8: Klaywittaphat P.
  Plasma instability during ITBs formation with pellet injection in tokamak

Monday, 12 June

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