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The workshop will be organized around four topics, listed above, where discussion and action are urgently needed. The agenda will be structured with a balance of invited talks and discussion time sufficient to facilitate reaching conclusions. The workshop will end with summary talks on each of the topics. The Technical Programme Committee (TPC) is responsible for planning the technical programme and documenting the conclusions. In preparation for the workshop, topic chairs and co-chairs will identify invited speakers for their respective sessions, and will provide guidance in order to ensure that speakers’ presentations are explicitly targeted to address the issues raised in the topic description and that conclusions can be summarized. Presentations will cover the international status of fusion development, not that of one particular nation or grouping.



The working language of the meeting is English; no interpretation will be provided.



About 80 experts from IAEA Member States and international organizations are expected to attend the workshop. All oral presentations will be based on invitation only. Participants should be actively involved in the topics of the workshop. In order to participate in the workshop, all participants shall send a completed Participation Form (Form A) to their appropriate governmental authority for subsequent transmission to the IAEA. Participants will be accepted only if the Participation Form is transmitted to the IAEA through one of the established official channels by 30 March 2018 (EXTENDED).



A limited number of posters addressing the workshop topics may be included. Should any participant wish to present a poster, they are requested to submit a one-page abstract no later than 19 March 2018 to In addition, they should further submit a duly completed Form A to their appropriate governmental authority for transmission to the IAEA. This form must be received by the IAEA no later than 30 March 2018 (EXTENDED).

!!! The poster size is A0 (841mm x 1189mm).