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Financial Support


The costs for the organization of the meeting are borne by the IAEA. No registration fee will be charged to participants. As a general rule, the IAEA does not pay travel and accommodation expenses for meeting participants. However, limited funds are available to help meet the cost of attendance of a few selected specialists, primarily from developing countries with low economic resources. Generally, not more than one grant will be awarded to any one country. The grants awarded will be in the form of lump sums usually covering part of the cost of attendance.

Governments wishing to apply for a grant on behalf of one of their specialists should address specific requests to this effect to the Scientific Secretary responsible for the meeting. Governments should ensure that applications for grants:

1) are received by the IAEA by 14 May 2018.
2) are accompanied by a completed and signed Grant Form C, including the abstract of the paper to be presented.
3) include an estimate from an official travel agency of the travel cost.

Applications that do not comply with the conditions mentioned above will not be considered.

Grant awards will be announced by 21 May 2018.