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The Fusion Device Information System (FusDIS), developed and maintained by the IAEA, focuses on fusion devices worldwide. FusDIS contains information on fusion devices public or private with experimental and demonstration designs, which are currently in operation, under construction or being planned, as well as technical data of these devices and coutry statistics, including research statistics from the Fusion Energy Conference series. All information is collected by the IAEA and undergoes a process of review involving the International Fusion Research Council

About FusDIS

The devices are organized in 4 main configuration categories: 
  • Tokamaks - both conventional and spherical type
  • Stellarators and Heliotrons
  • Laser fusion
  • Alternative concepts - this category includes the following types: beam-target; dense plasma focus; field reversed configuration; inertial electrostatic fusion; levitated dipole; magnetic mirror machine; magnetized target fusion; pinch; pulsed power generated electron beam; reverse field pinch; simple magnetized torus; space propulsor; spheromak.
For each device, the info below can be visualized by hovering the cursor over the device marker:
  • Country
  • Organization
  • Device Name
  • Device Configuration
  • Device Type
  • Device Status (operating; under construction; planned)
  • Design (experimental; demonstration)
  • Ownership (public; private)
  • Website (each website can be launched by clicking on the device marker).

The statistics provided can be used as filters. It is also possible to filter per country by choosing each country from the tables. 

In addition, the following dashboards are available:

  • Tech Data: 0D design parameters of tokamaks/stellarators in operation or under construction.
  • Country Stats: Number of fusion devices per country, per status and per configuration.
  • Org Stats: Number of fusion devices per organization, per status and per configuration.
  • FEC2020 IDX: Number of first authorship papers at FEC2020 per country/organization and per track.
  • FECs IDX: Number of first authorship papers at FEC2006–2020 per country and per track; and total number of papers per FEC and per track.

Useful Tips

  • Click on the icon reset.PNG at the bottom of the map to reset the filters.
  • Click on the icon home.PNG inside the map to reset the map view.
  • Hover the cursor over the device marker to access each device info.
  • Click on the device marker to launch the related website.
  • Use the statistics and tables as filters.
  • 'Ctrl+click' to select two or more filters.


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  • Building talent for tomorrow, human capital strategies for fusion technologies, Lions Global (2021)
Citing this Database

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Contact us

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