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IAEA Fusion Portal

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) fosters international collaboration and coordination to help close the existing gaps in physics, technology and regulation and move forward in developing the peaceful use of fusion energy. The IAEA's activities in this field cover, among others, plasma physics and fusion power, technologies and material, both for magnetic and inertial fusion. The Fusion Portal is dedicated to all these activities, ranging from Conferences, Coordinated Research Projects, Meetings, Workshops and Schools, to providing News Media and Publications related to these projects.

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​The Fusion Portal is also home to the IAEA's Fusion Device Information System (FusDIS), containing information on fusion devices public or private with experimental and demonstration designs, which are currently in operation, under construction or being planned, as well as technical data of these devices and country statistics, including research statistics from the Fusion Energy Conference series. 

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