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IAEA Fusion Portal

 Welcome to the IAEA Fusion Portal

The IAEA focuses its efforts on facilitating the coordination of international fusion undertakings and enhancing the interaction of developing Member States with leading fusion initiatives. The Fusion Portal is dedicated to all fusion activities organized by the IAEA, ranging from Conferences, Coordinated Research Projects, Technical Meetings, Workshops, Consultancy Meetings, to providing news and publications related to these projects.

27th Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2018)/sites/fusionportal/SiteAssets/tile-default.png page navigation
Fusion Energy in the 21st Century – Status and the Way Forward/sites/fusionportal/SiteAssets/tile-default.png page navigation
Celebrating the Heroes of Fusion Research: Q&A with an Award-Winning Filmmaker/sites/fusionportal/SiteAssets/tile-default.png page navigation
Charting the International Roadmap to teh Demonstration Fusion Power Plant/sites/fusionportal/SiteAssets/tile-default.png page navigation
27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference: Call for Paper by 12 March/sites/fusionportal/SiteAssets/tile-default.png page navigation
Researchers Win IAEA Nuclear Fusion Prize for Physics Insight into Reaching High Performance Operation in Fusion Devices page navigation
The Future of Fusion Energy/sites/fusionportal/SiteAssets/tile-default.png page navigation
Applications page navigation