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The International Fusion Research Council (IFRC)

The International Fusion Research Council (IFRC) is a continuing council within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Since 1971, the IFRC acts as an Advisory Body to the Director General of the IAEA on matters relating to the Agency’s controlled nuclear fusion programme and to promote international cooperation in this field.

Chapman, Ian (Chair) - United Kingdom

Hole, Matthew J. (Vice-Chair) - Australia

Liu, Yong - china

Vargas-Blanco, Iván - Costa Rica

Eriksson, Lars-Goran (Observer) - European Union

Jacquinot, Jean G. - France

Guenter, Sibylle - Germany

Chaturvedi, Shashank - India

Bigot, Bernard - ITER Organization

Ogawa, Yuichi - Japan

Tazhibayeva, Irina - Kazakhstan

Park, Hyeon - Republic of Korea

Kuteev, Boris - Russian Federation

Sanchez Sanz, Joaquin - Spain

Van Dam, James - United States of America