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ITER Conceptual Design Activities Documentation Series ​

Establishment of ITER: Relevant Documents (ITER DS/1)

ITER Definition Phase (ITER DS/2)

ITER Concept Definition Volume 1(ITER DS/3)

ITER Concept Definition Volume 2 (ITER DS/3)

Passive Control of Vertical Instabilities in ITER (ITER DS/4)

Design Point Selection for an Ignited ITER (ITER DS/5)

ITER Council Proceedings April 1988 – August 1989 (ITER DS/6)

ITER Conceptual Design: Interim Report (ITER DS/7)

Initial Report of the ITER Council’s Ways and Means Working Party (ITER DS/8)

ITER Activities Status Report: December 1989 (ITER DS/9)

ITER Physics Design Guidelines (ITER DS/10)

Report of the ITER Council’s Ways and Means Working Party (ITER DS/11)

ITER Activities Status Report: April 1990 (ITER DS/12)

ITER Council Proceedings September 1989 – May 1990 (ITER DS/13)

Preliminary ITER Cost and Schedule Estimates (ITER DS/14)

Twin Loops for Vertical Control of Highly Elongated Plasma (ITER DS/15)

ITER Conceptual Design Activities Final Report (ITER DS/16)

ITER Council Proceedings June 1990 – December 1990 (ITER DS/17)

ITER Conceptual Design Report (ITER DS/18)

Physics and Technology R&D for ITER Conceptual Design (ITER DS/19)

Research and Development Needs for ITER Engineering Design (ITER DS/20)

ITER Physics (ITER DS/21)

ITER Parametric Analysis and Operational Performance (ITER DS/22)

ITER Operations and Research Programme (ITER DS/23)

ITER Test Programme (ITER DS/24)

ITER Tokamak Device (ITER DS/25)

ITER Magnets (ITER DS/26)

ITER Poloidal Field System (ITER DS/27)

ITER Containment Structures (ITER DS/28)

ITER Blanket, Shield and Material Data Base (ITER DS/29)

ITER Plasma Facing Components (ITER DS/30)

ITER Fuel Cycle (ITER DS/31)

ITER Current Drive and Heating System  (ITER DS/32)

ITER Diagnostics (ITER DS/33)

ITER Assembly and Maintenance (ITER DS/34)

ITER Plant Systems (ITER DS/35)

ITER Safety (ITER DS/36)