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1st IAEA Webinar on

Pushing for Fusion Energy - What is happening now?

Time & Date: 17:00 CET, Monday 22 November 2021

Recording available​


17:00 CET

Opening Remarks by Ms. Sehila M. Gonzalez de Vicente (IAEA)

17:05 CET

Keynotes [Chair: Mr. Shutaro Takeda (Kyoto University)]

1.   Global Investment Environment for Fusion Enterprises

Speaker: Ms. Carly Anderson (Prime Movers Lab) Latest global momentum in investments for fusion energy

2.   Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Fusion

Speakers: Mr. Andrew Holland (Fusion Industry Association) and Mr. Tim Bestwick (UK Atomic Energy Authority) PPP projects in the US and the UK / Importance of PPP in fusion industry

3.   Market and Social Need for Fusion Energy

Speaker: Mr. Malcolm Handley (Strong Atomics) Electricity and non-electricity markets for fusion energy / Role of fusion energy alongside with renewable power sources

4.   Enabling technologies towards the commercialization

Speaker: Mr. Daniel Clark (US Department of Energy) Why and how enabling technologies can accelerate fusion

5.   Innovative Fusion Power Core (FPC) Concepts

Speaker: Mr. Scott Hsu (US Department of Energy)  Summary of innovative fusion power core concepts

6.   Way Forward for the Fusion Community

Speaker: Mr. Taka Omae (ITER Organization) Way forward for the fusion community

18:30 CET

Panel Discussion [Chair: Ms. Melanie Windridge (Fusion Industry Association)]

19:00 CET

Conclusions by Mr. Tim Bestwick (UKAEA) and Mr. Andrew Holland (FIA)

19:15 CET

Closing Remarks by Ms. Sehila M. Gonzalez de Vicente (IAEA)