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The Safety Assessment Section (SAS) within the Division of Nuclear Installation Safety (NSNI) has established the Global Safety Assessment Network (GSAN) to facilitate focused collaboration on safety assessment capacity building in support of global nuclear safety harmonization, especially in the expanding and developing nuclear programmes worldwide. One of the primary modules of GSAN is the Safety Assessment Education and Training (SAET) Programme. The SAET Programme provides general as well as detailed training in various topics of safety assessment.

GSAN is an online platform where Member States are able to:

  • Locate information about the Safety Assessment Review Service provided by the IAEA/NSNI/SAS; 

  • Access the SAET Programme syllabus and guidelines;

  • Easily find the IAEA Safety Standards and other relevant documents related directly to safety assessment;

  • Collaborate on specific projects that enhance their safety assessment capabilities;

  • View multi-media content including videos from training workshops and safety assessment events;

  • Consult reports and documents from IAEA Technical Meetings on safety assessment;

  • Access additional information, documents and links relevant to safety assessment; and

  • Request SAS services and training.