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Benefits of Registering

By registering, individuals are provided access to information on safety assessment knowledge and methods, supported by the IAEA's safety standards.  This information supports capacity building in support of global nuclear safety harmonization, especially in the expanding and developing nuclear programmes worldwide.

Although most of the information provided on this does not require a registration, it is recommended to register in order to have access to all available features.

By registering to GSAN, you will be able to:

Access our multimedia resource: Watch recordings of events organized by the IAEA like Workshops and other activities.
​Be informed of the latest events: ​Receive periodic information on events organized by the IAEA.
​Participate in Webinars Listen to presentations and share your opinions with experts and other participants, live, over Web based Seminars (Webinars).
​Give feedback. ​Help us provide a better service by filling our survey.
Share Knowledge and Collaborate ​If you participate in one of our activities, you will have access to the document repository and you will be able to share knowledge with other participants through the discussion boards.


Registering to GSAN has no cost. Just fill the Registration Form and you will be notified when your account is activated.

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