‚ÄčSafety Assessment Advisory Programme (SAAP) for Countries Embarking on a Nuclear Power Programme



The objective of the Safety Assessment Advisory Programme (SAAP), performed at the request of a Member State embarking on nuclear power, is to advise on the systematic identification of nuclear safety assessment competency and capacity needs for establishing a nuclear power plant (NPP) programme and to support the development of an action plan for competency and capacity building based on the Safety Assessment Education and Training (SAET) Programme.

The SAAP is organized in two phases with the aim to actively engage the recipient Member State in the process of identifying the needs and establishing the safety assessment capacity building programme.

The first phase is usually implemented through a workshop and has the objective to familiarize the management of all organizations (stakeholders) involved in the new nuclear power programme with the basic concepts of safety assessment and to support them in identifying the specific needs of their organization in this area.

The second phase of SAAP is based on the results of the first phase and aims at developing a detailed nuclear safety assessment competency and capacity map for the beneficiary Member State as well as a capacity building action plan based on the SAET Syllabus.

PHASE ONE - Introduction to safety assessment and screening of initial situation in the country


The objective of this phase is to familiarize the Government and other stakeholders of a national nuclear power programme with the key components needed for safety assessment of NPPs and to evaluate the availability of these components in the country. The objective is normally achieved during a three to five-day workshop in the Member State.
  • Presentations on main components needed for development of an independent capability to perform or review safety assessment
  • Examples of feasible solutions adopted in selected Member States
  • Initial screening of the situation in the country using a brief questionnaire


A. Introduction of the SAAP objectives and stages
B. Key safety assessment topics:
  • Safety functions, defence in depth, the role of safety assessment
  • Stakeholders and their respective roles in safety assessment
  • Hierarchy of national legislation and international safety requirements and guidance documents
  • Key documents relevant for safety assessment to be developed for implementation of a NPP
  • Reactor types, design safety features and their importance for adaptation to local conditions
  • Human resources and tools for safety assessment/safety analysis
  • Role and structure of external technical support and research in the area of safety assessment
  • IAEA Safety Standards and development of national legislation and guidance documents
C. Preliminary screening of availability in the country of key components for safety assessment of NPPs

PHASE TWO - Translating identified national safety assessment priorities into a comprehensive competency building programme


The objective of this phase is to jointly plan with the Government and other NPP stakeholders capacity building of key components and high priority areas needed for safety assessment of NPPs in preparation for the bidding and licensing process. The objective is usually achieved during a five-day meeting to the Member State plus consultancies for programme development and implementation.

Approach and Content

  • Presentations on evaluation of safety assessment competency, and the SAET
  • Evaluation for the Safety Assessment Competency required: "Establishing the Competence Needs for Safety Assessment within an Organization"
  • Development of a tailored national SAET Programme in safety assessment for all stakeholders
  • Presentations on safety assessment methods related to the bidding and Technical Safety Review (TSR) services
SAAP teams are composed of senior international experts familiar with the safety assessment needs and competency building issues for countries embarking on nuclear power programmes.  
SAAP Phase 1 is for officials and managers of:
  • Government NPP decision makers
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Future owner/operators
  • Research institutes/future technical and scientific support organizations (TSOs)
SAAP Phase 2 is for all stakeholders involved in the development of a national nuclear power programme.
All advisory and competency building activities are based on:
  • The IAEA Safety Requirements for Design Safety (SSR 2/1 Rev. 1) and for Safety Assessment (GSR Part 4 Rev. 1) and related Safety Guides
  • The SAET Programme
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