The globally accessible GNSSN website is a set of existing networks and information resources that support work related to nuclear safety and security. GNSSN provides open access to general information on nuclear safety and nuclear security on a common, collaborative platform designed so that experts can exchange and share information easily and quickly. Read More >


The Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN) was launched in 2002 to pool, analyse and share nuclear safety information, existing and new knowledge and practical experience among the countries. Moreover, the ANSN is expected to be a platform for facilitating sustainable regional cooperation and for creating human networks and cyber communities among the specialists of those countries. Read More >

The IAEA's Member States and Secretariat are now implementing the Nuclear Safety Action Plan to make nuclear power production safer. The Agency's and Member States' work focuses on reviewing, improving and strengthening IAEA peer reviews and emergency preparedness and response; the effectiveness of national regulatory bodies and operating organizations; the IAEA Safety Standards and their implementation; the international legal framework's effectiveness; capacity building; transparency and effectiveness in communication and information dissemination; and nuclear safety research and development. Read More>


WNA's role is to support the global nuclear energy industry.

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WENRA is a network of Chief Regulators of EU countries with nuclear power plants and Switzerland as well as of other interested European countries which have been granted observer status. Read More>

ETSON is the network of European technical safety organizations (TSO) with members from Germany (GRS), France (IRSN) Belgium (Bel V), Lithuania (LEI), Finland (VTT), the Czech Republic (UJV) Slovakia (VUJE) and associated members from Japan (JNES) and Ukraine (SSTC). Read More>

The European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute, ENSTTI, is an initiative of the European Technical Safety Organizations Network-ETSON. ENSTTI provides vocational training and tutoring in methods and practices required to perform assessments in nuclear safety, nuclear security and radiation protection. Read More>

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is a specialised agency within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an intergovernmental organisation of industrialised countries, based in Paris, France. Read More>