International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety: Defence in Depth—Advances and Challenges for Nuclear Installation Safety
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The objective of this conference, which will be held at IAEA Headquarters from 21-24 October 2013, is to foster the exchange of information on the latest thinking and advances in the implementation of the concept of Defence in Depth and the associated challenges. The focus will be on operating nuclear installations, including nuclear power plants, research reactors and fuel cycle facilities, and on how lessons learned from operating experience and recent events (e.g. the Fukushima Daiichi accident) are used to enhance safety.

For more information, please visit the IAEA Conference Webpage.

Zwentendorf Plant Walk Down

The fourth IAEA Zwentendorf Plant Walk Down Workshop was held from 9 to 13 September 2013. The workshop aimed to: familiarize participants with plant walk down methods and inspection practices; provide on-site exercises on preparation and conduct of walk downs, and; familiarize participants with the requirements and guidance of IAEA standards.

Prepared by instructors from USNRC and attended by 21 participants from Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Slovakia, Sudan, Turkey and Vietnam, the programme contained lectures on different plant systems and actual walk down practices inside the plant. Click here for more information on the next Walk Down Workshop to be held in June 2014.      

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GSAN Website Statistics

In order to improve the service provided, the GSAN team reviews the site’s usage statistics and analyses the data collected to identify any areas that require special attention. Since its establishment on the new software platform in 2012, GSAN has recorded thousands of visits from all across the globe, helping it to achieve its goal of being a global network.

For more information on statistics of quarters 2 and 3 of 2013, please click here.

Videos added to the Multimedia Library

More videos have been added to the GSAN Multimedia Library’s Severe Accidents Lecture Series. We encourage you to take a look at the 18-video Lecture Series in order to gain a better understanding of different aspects of Severe Accident analysis.

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New Safety Assessement Advisory Programme (SAAP) video
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A new video has been uploaded onto GSAN about the Safety Assessment Advisory Programme (SAAP) in which Peter Hughes, the Section Head of the Safety Assessment Section of the Division of Nuclear Installation Safety, explains the reasons for its development, its phases, the requirements of interested Member States, and its expected results.

Click here to watch the full SAAP video.