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October 2012

General Conference 2012


GC Side Event on Defence in Depth | New Multimedia Content available for streaming | Zwentendorf Plant Walkdown
GSAN's homepage new design.

GC Side Event on  Defence in Depth

During the 56th IAEA General Conference, the Safety Assessment Section held a side event on Defence in Depth. Member States were invited to attend and participate on this event to discuss a topic that has been gaining importance after the Fukushima accident in 2011. The objective of the event was to present new considerations and promote discussion with senior international experts on the issues that need to be addressed and directions for the further development of the Defence in Depth (DiD) concept and its practical application. A panel discussion was preceded by short presentations by panellists from the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and the IAEA.
For more information and the possibility to download the presentations, Click Here.


New Multimedia Content available for streaming

The Safety Assessment Section organized in 2010 a Workshop in Dubrovnik. Participants had the possibility to attend a series of lectures on PSA, Severe Accidents and other interesting Safety Assessment Topics. The videos of the complete lectures are now available for all GSAN registered users. Right now, over 5 hours of video material can be found. This section is updated regularly with more videos being added. So be sure register to GSAN and keep coming back. Click here to go to the Multimedia Module of GSAN.


Zwentendorf Plant Walkdown

The 2nd IAEA Zwentendorf Plant Walkdown Workshop was held during the 10th to 14th of September. The workshops provide: an introduction to the IAEA safety standards referencing plant walkdowns; instructions in preparing for and performing a plant walkdown; access to the Zwentendorf NPP plant to conduct the walkdowns, and; instructions on post walkdown activities. Prepared by instructors from USNRC, the programme contains lectures on different plant systems and actual walkdown practices inside the plant. Click here for more information.


New design of the Home Page

‚ÄčThe GSAN home page has been redesigned to provide a better user experience. Get a clear picture of what GSAN offers in one screen. Featured Events are now highlighted on the top left and the GSAN modules are clearly displayed in icons. Visit GSAN now. sshomepage.png