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Conclusions from the GSAN Advisory Group Meeting

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
27 - 28 May 2013


The Global Safety Assessment Network (GSAN) Advisory Group is composed of representatives of Member States (MS) and international experts involved in Projects supported by the network. The GSAN Advisory Group has periodic meetings to review the progress of the network and provide recommendations for further development.
The purpose of the GSAN Advisory Group is:
  • to evaluate the content and the operation processes of GSAN;
  • to provide feedback based on their user experience with GSAN;
  • to make recommendations for increasing the usability and efficiency of the network, and;
  • to evaluate the content and structure of the Safety Assessment Education and Training (SAET) Programme.
The purpose of this particular meeting was to present the new developments of GSAN, to collect feedback from the MS involved in activities supported by the network, and to discuss and agree upon the actions needed to further increase its effectiveness and content.


The Advisory Group agreed that GSAN’s development is in accordance with the scope of the network and provided recommendations on increasing the network's usability for countries embarking on nuclear power. The recommendations include:

  • Changing the structure of the Activities Module from project-based to country-based;
  • Including more information on research reactors;
  • Creating pages with general information on the Essential Knowledge and Practical Applications elements, and;
  • Creating pages with general information on RELAP5 and Risk Spectrum for all registered users.

While the Advisory Group agreed that GSAN is providing an appropriate level of support, additional value could be obtained by providing more general information on safety assessment topics. This general information will be of benefit to Member States embarking on nuclear power programmes.