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Discussion of External Comments on the TECDOC - Vulnerability Assessment of Operating NPPs against Extreme External Events

CS Meeting on Vulnerability 2015.png

The consultancy meeting for the "Discussion of External Review Comments on the TECDOC 'Vulnerability Assessment of Operating Nuclear Power Plants against Extreme External Events'" was held in Vienna from 28 to 30 January 2015.

This was the first consultancy meeting within Project A.1. - Design Safety Assessment of Operating Facilities Against Extreme Hazards, one of the projects funded by the European Commission under the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC). These projects are implemented by the IAEA under its approved Regular Programme with supplementary funding by the European Commission.

CS Meeting on Vulnerability 2015 016.png
A complete draft TECDOC had been sent to the experts attending the meeting three weeks in advance. Experts were asked to provide comments about the technical soundness of the approach and its feasibility in the "real world".

As a result of the meeting, the usefulness of the proposed approach was confirmed by the experts and the IAEA development team received very valuable feedback, which will be used for the revision of the draft TECDOC prior to dissemination.

It was agreed that the experts will be in close contact with the IAEA team during the revision and that, if necessary, the final revised version will be discussed during another consultancy meeting in June 2015. The final TECDOC is scheduled to be ready for dissemination by August 2015.