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First Post-Graduate Training Course on Probabilistic Safety Assessment Level 1 for Nuclear Power Plants - Provided by the IAEA in Russian


From June 24 to July 5, 2013, the National Research Nuclear University “Moscow Engineering Physics Institute” (NRNU MEPhI) Moscow, Russia, hosted the First International Post-Graduate Training Course on "Probabilistic Safety Assessment Level 1 for Nuclear Power Plants" provided by IAEA. The unique feature of the training was that for the 1st time, the IAEA training was delivered in Russian, one of the official UN languages.

lecturesforweb.pngThe training course was organized within the framework of the Practical Agreements between the IAEA and NRNU MEPhI signed in September 2012 during the 56th General Conference in Vienna. It was aimed at implementing the initiatives and efforts related to education and training in the nuclear field, and the training course was a pilot project for the implementation of the abovementioned Agreements.

The audience of the training were MEPhI students, young professionals and tutors. The event was attended by 32 participants. During the first week the IAEA experts: I. Kuzmina , A. Lubarsky, K. Bobrova delivered presentations highlighting state-of-the-art aspects of the Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) methodology currently applied in the global nuclear power industry and regulation. The training curriculum was of high interest to the audience and raised intensive discussions. During the second part of the training course, practical PSA modelling work was attended by the participants using dedicated PSA software (RiskSpectrum).seminarsfoweb.png

The NRNU MEPhI expressed their high appreciation of the IAEA-led state-of-the-art training on PSA and the interest to conduct this course as an annual summer-semester activity. In addition, NRNU MEPhI will consider developing an academic curriculum for advanced students and young professionals based on the IAEA’s curriculum.

A short article in Russian about the training is placed on the NRNU MEPhI web-site: