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IAEA Regional Workshop on Radiological Consequence Analysis


The IAEA Regional Workshop on Radiological Consequence Analysis was conducted from 1 to 5 September 2014 in Yerevan, Armenia. The workshop was organised within the framework of the IAEA TC Project RER/9/129 - Strengthening Nuclear Safety Assessment Capabilities Through the use of the Safety Assessment, Education and Training (SAET) Programme.

The purpose of the Workshop was to present and discuss the latest developments in the area of radiological consequence analysis including methodologies, tools and computer codes, and to develop recommendations for further development and harmonisation of approaches for the evaluation of radiological consequences for nuclear power plants. The following main technical topics were addressed:

•      Determination of the inventory of fission products in the primary coolant and the core;
•      Analysis of containment by-pass accidents;
•      Analysis of design-basis and design-extension condition accidents;
•      Determination of the source term in the containment;
•      Determination of the environmental source term;
•      Calculation of radiological consequences.
Twenty-five specialists from 11 countries participated in the workshop.