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IPSART Mission to Armenia

Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, Armenia

13-23 October 2014


IPSART Mission to Armenia_October 2014_1_thumb.pngAn International Probabilistic Safety Assessment Review Team (IPSART) mission was conducted from 13 October to 23 October 2014 at the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP), led by IAEA Safety Officers Artur Lyubarskiy and Irina Kuzmina. IPSART is an independent peer review of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) studies and PSA applications performed by different organizations in Member States. IPSART missions are conducted upon an official request submitted to the IAEA by the interested Member State. In total, more than 70 missions and review reports have been conducted and produced; these reports have served as a basis for refinements to the PSA studies.


IPSART Mission to Armenia_October 2014_2_thumb.pngThe objective of IPSART missions is to perform an international independent peer review for the probabilistic safety assessment study and produce a mission report. The scope of this mission was to perform a comprehensive review of Level-1 PSA for internal initiating events caused by random component failures and/or human errors, and internal and external hazards. These various initiating events and hazards were analysed for at-power operating mode; however, the review of preliminary low power and shutdown PSA was also in the scope of the mission.

The Armenian Nuclear Power Plant identified the usefulness and importance of this mission for enhancing quality of the PSA.