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Second Consultancy Meeting to Review the Safety Guide on Deterministic Safety Analysis for NPPs (DS491)

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

16-20 March 2015


CS to Review the Safety Guide on DSA for NPPs.jpgThe Specific Safety Guide No. SSG-2, Deterministic Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants, was published in 2009 to provide recommendations and guidance on meeting the requirements established in Safety Requirements No. NS-R-1, Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design (2000). General Safety Requirements were developed in parallel to SSG-2 under GSR Part 4, Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities (2009). Later, NS-R-1 was superseded by SSR-2/1, Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design (2012). GSR Part 4 and SSR-2/1 have been revised recently, mainly to take into account lessons learned and feedback experience from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP) accident in 2011. SSG-2 is undergoing a review process to provide recommendations and guidance in meeting this new framework of requirements, and the corresponding Document Preparation Profile (DPP) has been approved by three of the Safety Standards Committees (i.e. Nuclear, Radiation and Waste).


The purpose of this consultancy meeting was to: discuss in detail an adequate structure for the revised Safety Guide, taking into account the DPP; evaluate the applicability of guidance available in the existing version of the Safety Guide; and identify new aspects to be incorporated. During the meeting, consultants from the Czech Republic, France, the Republic of Korea and the USA revised the document in line with the meeting's purpose. A preliminary/initial draft version of the revised Safety Guide is expected to be available for further discussion in the coming months.​​