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IAEA and CNNC Sign Agreement on Generic Reactor Safety Review for the ACP100

Signing ACP 100_cropped.jpg

On 16 April 2015, Mr. Lei Zengguang, the chief engineer of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), headed a delegation to the IAEA head office and held discussions with DDG-NS Flory on cooperation between CNNC and IAEA. An agreement on conducting a safety review (GRSR) for ACP100 was signed after the talk.

The IAEA’s Generic Reactor Safety Review (GRSR) gathers international experts to conduct an early evaluation of the safety case of new designs that are not yet licensed using the IAEA Safety Requirements. The review is not a clearance process but a review of the quality of the safety documents identifying strengths, weaknesses and gaps. Such evaluations provide an opportunity to improve the safety case based on international standards and experience but do not constitute any kind of design certification or licensing activity as this is the responsibility of Member States.

ACP100, developed by CNNC, is a small modular reactor (SMR) featuring an integrated design and passive safety systems. It is expected that the GRSR review on ACP100 will be the first review on an SMR from IAEA Member States.