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Statistics of Quarters 2 and 3 of 2013

The GSAN team reviews the GSAN website's usage statistics and analyzes the data collected to identify any areas that may require special attention.
In terms of GSAN's reach, the data collected during quarters 2 and 3 (Q2 and Q3) of 2013 demonstrates that the network is achieving its goal of being a global network. Figure 1 shows the countries from where GSAN has been accessed.
Figure 1. Visits by country and total visits in Q2 and Q3 2013

During Q2 of 2013 (April - June), GSAN recorded 1738 visits. During Q3 (July - September), 2018 visits were recorded from around the globe.
During Q3, the Safety Assessment Section had several meetings and activities that took place in different countries. GSAN supports these activities by providing participants with an area where they can access presentations and papers presented during them. This support function is demonstrated by the 892 unique visitors who registered during this period of time.
GSAN's goal is to serve as a resource for information on Nuclear Safety Assessment, providing news, multimedia content and documents of interest.
Gathering and analyzing usage statistics is an active way to try to understand the needs of our visitors. Another way to achieve this is for our users to fill out our short survey. We appreciate your feedback and comments! (Please note that you need to register first in order to complete our survey.)