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Technical Meeting on the Use of GSAN and on the SAET Programme

for GSAN TM_500.jpgThe Global Safety Assessment Network (GSAN) was established in 2012 by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA’s) Division of Nuclear Installation Safety, specifically by the Division’s Safety Assessment Section, to assure a sustainable service to Member States in the area of safety assessment competence and capacity building.
The Technical Meeting on the Use of GSAN and on the SAET Programme was convened to gain insights from Member States on the proposal to develop a well-defined set of e-learning modules to support and enhance the activities and workshops that are organized by the IAEA for Member States under its Safety Assessment Education and Training (SAET) Programme. The rationale for the technical meeting (TM) was that through the application of e-learning software and capability in its use, safety assessment training would be improved in a number of areas including workshop preparation, testing, provision of reference materials and evaluation.
The goal was, therefore, to gain insights on the creation of pre- and post-workshop modules to assist participants in their preparation for a SAET workshop and in assessing the knowledge they have gained.
Member State representatives were invited to gather input about whether the addition of e-learning would create greater value for workshop participants and facilitate the work of instructors and lecturers delivering SAET Programme workshops. The group attending the TM was composed, therefore, of representatives of organizations already engaged in the SAET Programme activities (i.e. Viet Nam, Malaysia, Romania, Armenia), representatives of countries with well developed education and training programmes in the field of safety assessment (i.e. Russia, USA), and academic staff currently engaged in using e-learning tools at the university level.
The following results of the TM were expected and fully met with the exception of item 4 which was only partially met. This item will be addressed through the e-learning working group.
  1. Following demonstrations of e-learning software and a sample e-learning module, discussion and comments on the potential use of e-learning for nuclear safety assessment through GSAN
  2. Capture of suggestions and general feedback on development of effective e-learning modules
  3. Through group activities, familiarization with e-learning software and creation of sample e-learning modules to enhance pre-course or post-course activities
  4. Agreement on e-learning process/structure/content/templates
The following outcomes from the TM will be among priority activities for the GSAN and SAET Programme in the months/year to come:
  1. Enhanced support to Member States in competency/capacity building in nuclear safety assessment through GSAN-based e-learning modules
  2. Creation of and pilot use of GSAN e-learning modules for selected activities
  3. Well-defined set of e-learning modules to support and enhance the activities and workshops on nuclear safety assessment organized by the IAEA for Member States made available through the GSAN for education and training