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Technical Meeting on the Use of Safety Analysis Approaches for Nuclear Security Purposes (November 2021)

​Meeting background and Objectives

TSR-1000.pngThe technical meeting, 13–15 October 2021,​ is intended to serve as an international forum for presentations and discussions on the current practices, recent developments and challenges in the field of Use of Safety Analysis Approaches for Nuclear Security purposes. The meeting will focus, in particular, on potential ways and topics where the insights from safety analysis (both probabilistic and deterministic) could be used to support nuclear security considerations. It is planned to discuss the relevant experiences and practical examples available in Member States. In addition, the meeting will provide a platform for discussions on the recently initiated IAEA activity aimed at the development of a Technical Report Series publication (TRS-1000 collection) on Use of Safety Analysis Approaches to Support Nuclear Security at Nuclear Installations​​​.

The relative materials will avaliable for nominated participants on the page: TM page​