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Attention New Workshop: Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant Inspection Workshop Specifically Tailored for Inspectors Working for Nuclear Regulatory Authorities

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to availability restrictions of the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, the new dates for the next Inspection Workshop are 29 June - 3 July 2015.

DSCN3588.jpgDescription: Since 2012, the IAEA has used the never-commissioned Austrian Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant to conduct the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant Walk Down Workshop. In June 2015, the IAEA will be conducting the first Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant Inspection Workshop, specifically tailored for inspectors working for nuclear regulatory authorities. This new workshop will include hands-on training to provide an introduction on regulatory inspection skills and methods, and is designed to place inspectors in real-life scenarios, using the Zwentendorf facility as a practical laboratory. Prepared by instructors from USNRC, the programme contains lectures on inspection practices inside the plant. To participate in the inspection workshop, participants must have first completed the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant Walk Down Workshop.

Workshop Objective: The inspection workshop has been added to provide participants with an opportunity to apply the methods and practices learned during the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant Walk Down Workshop to develop regulatory inspection skills.

For information on the next workshop in 2015, please contact: GSAN Contact Point