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Zwentendorf Plant Walk Down Workshops

Next Workshop: 20-24 June 2016

Description: IAEA Zwentendorf Plant Walk Down Workshops pilot the use of the Austrian Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant (never commissioned), which is now available for training and demonstration purposes.  The workshops provide: an introduction to the IAEA safety standards referencing plant walk downs; instructions in preparing for and performing a plant walk down; access to the Zwentendorf NPP to conduct the walk downs, and; instructions on post walk down activities. Prepared by instructors from USNRC, the programme contains lectures on different plant systems and actual walk down practices inside the plant.  
Workshop Objective:  Familiarize participants with plant walk down methods and inspection practices and provide on-site exercises on preparation and conduct of walk downs. Participants will also be familiarized with the requirements and guidance of IAEA safety standards in the area of plant walk downs in support of safety assessment for nuclear power plants.
This is an opportunity to view all the “nuts and bolts” and pipes and pumps of a plant with guided access to all areas without concern for radiation exposure.  Several national teams have already attended this very interesting and informative workshop, which has been held biannually since 2012. 
September 2015 Workshop Highlights: The eighth Plant Walk Down Workshop was held from 7 to 11 September 2015 and was attended by 23 participants from Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey and Viet Nam. During this one-week workshop, participants attended lectures jointly conducted by two USNRC instructors and had the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge to practice during the actual plant walk down.
 Zwentendorf_Sept 2015_class photo.png
September 2015 Workshop Participants
For information on the next workshop in 2016, please contact:

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