Review service conducted by the IAEA staff and international experts to review  the safety case of new reactor design against the requirements of IAEA Safety Standards on Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities (GSR Part 4 (Rev.1)) and Safety of NPPs: Design (SSR-2/1 (Rev.1))


To enable the requesting party to understand to which extent the safety case is complete and comprehensive in addressing the requirements of the safety standards


The process takes between 6 to 8 months to complete. Funded by the requesting party


A report summarizing the extent to which the safety case addresses the requirements and, if needed, recommendations for improvement of completeness and comprehensiveness are provided

GRS Reviews Conducted

Note: Most GRS Review Reports are proprietary information and are not available for distribution.
Reactor type/Requesting organization/Country
Completed March 2008
AP1000 (Westinghouse)/NII-HSC/UK1
ATMEA1 (Conceptual)/AREVA-MHI/France2
Completed June 2008
Completed January 2009
Completed August 2009
APR1000/KEPCO Research Institute/Korea
Completed August 2010
AES 2006/Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC/Russia3
Completed January 2013
ACPR 1000+ (Conceptual Design)/China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co., LTD/China
Completed May 2013
VVER-TOI/Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC/Russia
Completed December 2014
ACP1000/China National Nuclear Corporation/China
Completed January 2015
​ACP100/China National Nuclear Corporation/China Completed April 2016
​CAP1400/Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute/China Completed April 2016
1 Utilized GS-R Part 4 only
2 First review to include NSR-1
3 First review to include SSR-2/1 (replaced NSR-1)