Periodic Safety Review

To assist Member States in maintaining a high level of safety of operating nuclear power plants including those in long term operation, the IAEA provides a SAR module to review the Periodic Safety Review (PSR) national requirements, PSR process and the PSR self-assessment report against IAEA Safety Standards. The module provides Member States (Safety Authorities and Operating Organizations) with recommendations to improve their PSR activities for the future. The service can be tailored to the specific needs of the Member State. The module is also aimed at collecting feedback to update and improve the IAEA safety standards.


Review areas:

  • National PSR requirements and reference documents for the self-assessment
  • PSR Basis document
  • Methodology of the self-assessment
  • Safety factors self-assessment reports (14 safety factors, e.g. design basis, aging status and management, equipment qualification, operational experience, organization and management system)
  • Evaluation of the safety relevance of the findings and ranking
  • Final global assessment and corrective actions