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Addressing Racism

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Module 4: Addressing Racism

This module aims to train VBO colleagues on how to effectively address racism in the United Nations and to promote racial equity, dignity and inclusion in the workplace. The module is designed to introduce the topic of racism and racial discrimination by building a common language and knowledge of key issues such as the historical roots of racism. It is also intended to deepen participants' knowledge and engage in a dialogue on racism with an expert. These interactive sessions will help participants to develop the necessary skills and tools to fight racism in the workplace and strengthen an environment of acceptance and celebration of diversity. 

​Drawing upon previous dialogues and accounts of individual experiences with racism in the UN, this module is created to strengthen understanding of the complex ideological processes that lie at the heart of racism and related forms of discrimination,  acknowledging the fact that they shape all social institutions, belief systems, inter-group relations, and individual experiences. Racism has no place in the United Nations, yet the UN is not immune to it. Therefore, conversations around racism are key to realizing and addressing underlying – often unconscious – racist beliefs and assumptions. Common everyday interactions and mechanisms that perpetuate racism in the workplace, such as microaggressions, implicit bias, or hierarchical inequality will therefore be highlighted in the training.

Online Resources on the topic:

HBR Article, Hect, B., (2020): Moving Beyond Diversity Towards Racial Equity 

Tbe Guardian, Ibram, K. This is what an anti-racist America would look like

YouTube video, Ibram, K. An argument between racism and anti-racist ideas 

Jones, C. Level of Racism a Theoretical framework

“A Global Critical Race and Racism Framework: Racial Entanglements and Deep and Malleable Whiteness"

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