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NYC UN STAFF COUNSELLOR’S OFFICE: Online Training & Activities

The Staff Counsellor’s Office continues to offer a series of online workshops with tips and tools to help develop Resilience. Please see our course lists below. We offer courses in the NYC time Zone (Starting in October we will offer sessions at 9:00am Vienna time zone).
All courses are delivered in English.

Click here to acess the schedule 

New York City Time
Zone All courses take place LIVE at: 12:00pm-1:30pm – New York City time zone. Each course has a separate registration link. (Please check your spam folder as sometimes the email may be directed there.) After registration you will receive an email from: SCO HQ - with the link to the session. (iSeek link: Passcode for ALL courses: scolearn

Winter and Holiday Blues: Wellness Self-Care: Thursday 7 December​

Course Description: While the winter and holiday season may be challenging, there are activities and protective factors that are important to keep in mind and make this time of year manageable and enjoyable. This workshop will cover the causes of winter & holiday blues along with self-care tips to help navigate this season and strengthen and support our physical and emotional health. 
REGISTER HERE. (Delivered by Suhyun Lee)

Sleep Hygiene: Thursday 14 December​

Course Description: Sleep is a highly complex phenomenon. In fact, science does not even understand why our bodies really need sleep. Yet we do know that there are many different individual and social factors that are related to the amount people sleep, including age, circadian and homeostatic traits, anxiety and depression, medical conditions, alcohol and drugs, work, family, social obligations, and bedroom conditions. While sleep deprivation and insomnia are both related to insufficient sleep, they are two quite different phenomena. Many people with difficulty sleeping have what sleep professionals call poor “sleep hygiene.” There are several simple ways experts recommend that you can improve your sleep hygiene and increase the likelihood of a good night’s rest.
REGISTER HERE. (Delivered by Suhyun Lee)

Vienna Time Zone 
All courses take place LIVE at: 9:00am-10:30am – VIENNA time zone. Each course has a separate registration link. (Please check your spam folder as sometimes the email may be directed there.) After registration you will receive an email from: SCO HQ - with the link to the session. (iSeek link: Passcode for ALL courses: scolearn

Mind-Body Connection: Techniques to Relax the Body and Calm the Mind: Tuesday 5 December​

Course Description: The Mind-Body connection is a field of science that has established that thoughts and emotions are indeed interconnected with the physical processes of the body. Participants learn how to develop greater awareness of the stress we experience and to cultivate practices such as mindful pauses, breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, gentle chair yoga and positive visualization to bring greater balance.
REGISTER HERE. (Delivered by Naomi Halpern)

Goal Setting When the Goal Posts Keep Moving: Tuesday 12 December 

Course Description: Knowing what we want and knowing how to go about achieving it are two different skill sets. Sometimes we may be clear on our goals. At other times we may simply have a feeling that something, personally or professionally needs to change but feel unsure how to make it happen. In times of transition, it can be more challenging to make plans and achieve goals when the goal posts keep moving. This training provides a foundation and toolkit to develop achievable goals, keep on track and the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances.
REGISTER HERE. (Delivered by Naomi Halpern)​

Art Therapy & Relaxation Breaks: 30 minutes (NYC time zone ONLY) 

No registration needed, just click on the link at the session time:
All sessions take place LIVE at times shown below. All times NYC time zone. Passcode for ALL sessions: scolearn
(iSeek link:

SCHEDULING NOTE: Monday 18 December will be the final session for the year.

Art Therapy: Creative self-care - (Mondays 12pm-12:30pm, Fridays 9am-9:30am) Time to get creative with your self-care routine to relieve stress, boost self-esteem, self-awareness and improve well-being during this difficult time. Art, in general, is powerful for practicing self-care. Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that combines art and psychology to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This creative process is enjoyable and allows for self-expression to understand yourself better without having professional skills or the limitations of language. Every week, different art activity is offered.
All you need is a pen and a piece of paper, but any drawing materials (colored pencils, markers, pastels, etc.) are welcome!
Passcode for ALL sessions: scolearn



Register for the current modules:

  Upcoming Workshops:             Upcoming Workshops:              Upcoming Workshops:

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                                                     Disability Inclusion Awareness:
                                                       12​-MAR, 13-15​:00h (CET)
                                                         Accessibility Awareness:
                                   21​-MAR, 10-1​2:00h (CET)​​                                              



    Upcoming Workshops:               Upcoming Workshops:                Upcoming Workshops:

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     Upcoming Workshops:            Upcoming Workshops:             Upcoming Workshops:
         Dates coming soon                   Dates coming soon​                     Dates coming soon


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VMS Relaxation Sessions


​​Currently, there are no live relaxation sessions being offered. To practice guided mindfulness and relaxation, you are welcome to listen to one of our session recordings or use the other resources and recordings on the Staff Well-Being Portal. We are currently preparing a new concept for the regular sessions and kindly ask for your patience. 

We will issue a STA/NOT once the new concept is being launched. 

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness and relaxation!​



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