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Public Resources


   Public Resources in Vienna​:​

      In order to find a qualified external psychiatrist or counsellor in the language of your choice,
      please contact your respective agency's Staff Counsellor
 (Patience Gebauer for
      UNOV/UNODC/CTBTO,  Johanna Schubert for IAEA and UNIDO). 

      Psychiatric emergency aid in ViennaTel: (01) 31330. Every day 24h/day

      24 Hour Women's Emergency Helpline,  Tel: (01) 71719

      General Crisis hotline (Telefonseelsorge)Tel: 142 (24/7)

      Crisis Intervention Centre. Lazarettgasse 14A, 1090 Vienna, Tel: (1) 4069595 (Mon - Fri. 10:00 to 17:00)

      Psychologists' Association in Austria Helpline. Tel: (1) 504 8000Mon-Thu 09:00 – 13:00

      Acute Hospital Psychiatric Help, Find hospitals in your area

      Substance use concerns:

      Help for eating disorders:

      Medical Association – Find a medical specialist:

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