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Self Care & Relaxation



Stress is part of our everyday life, and it is not by definition anything good or bad. It is rather a neutral reaction to an internal or external stimulus that requires us to do something in response, or in short: it is what gets and keeps us going. It is only when we feel that we are less in control of our situation, that we do not have the capability or resources to cope and deal with our tasks and challenges, that stress becomes an issue of concern and we should address it and seek support to maintain or recover our resilience, energy, or positive attitudes.

​​​ I​​ntroduction to Self-care and Stress Management at the VIC: ​


VMS Relaxation Sessions

Would you like to develop your skills to deal with the stress in your life?

Everybody has stress to deal with. Stress can provide energy to be creative and getting things done. It can, however, feel overwhelming and negatively influence physical and psychosocial health in many ways, and more so if prolonged. One productive way to counteract negative stress response is to master relaxation techniques. As with anything, the more we practice, the better we become at it.

The VIC Medical Service is launching 20-minute recorded relaxation exercises for all VIC​ staff. 

Access the recorded 'self-care and relaxation' sessions through the link below. 




Self-care and stress management should therefore be key tools in our day-to-day professional and personal lives, no matter if we currently feel fine or if anything is concerning us about our mental, social, or physical wellbeing.  This handout provides 12 evidence-backed strategies to improve your daily mental wellbeing:

12 Strategies to support daily mental wellbeing

Below you can find a number of links and materials from inside and outside the UN System, which can be helpful resources to take good and better care of your health and wellbeing.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your agency's stress counsellor for a fully confidential consultation on how to optimize your personal and professional self-care! Their contact details can be found under your agency's tile on the right side of this page. You are also invited to browse the other topics of the Mental Health Library and to return to the website regularly, as we are constantly updating the page with new materials and recommendations. Also please take a regular look at the events page to see if there are sessions offered relevant to your current needs. ​

Check out the VIC Medical Service Podcasts on Stress Management and other self-care topics - healthy mind, healthy life: This website offers instructions for relaxation techniques easily done by yourself, as well as informative articles on different self-care topics


Tipps from the UN Secretariat's Staff Counsellor's Office ​on how to deal with stress during the Covid 19 pandemic. For more tips on dealing with Covid-related challenges, also visit our resources in the Mental Health Library​. 

"Doing what matters in times of stress" - publication by the WHO in 20 different languages. Website also offers audio guides and recordings of relaxation exercises you can do on your own to catch a break and refresh mentally. 

Improve your wellbeing systematically by making a self-care and stress-management plan​! IOM has developed a very useful workbook that guides you through the process of better self-care with interesting questions to ask yourself about your needs and options. If you are in the process of doing this workbook and you have any questions or you want to discuss the result, get in touch with your agency's staff counsellor (contact on the right side of the page).

Learn more about how to take good care of your individual wellbeing, how to make a self-care plan and how to integrate self-care exercises and actions into your daily routines. Video courtesy of the IOM Staff Welfare Office, available in English​, French, and Spanish

Learn more about how to be well as a team, how to be there for one another and to enhance the office climate for the benefit of all concerned. Video courtesy of the IOM Staff Welfare Office,​ available in English​​, French​, and Spanish

​​Learn more about to be more resilient when managing stressful times in your life, both at work or in your private life. Video courtesy of the IOM Staff Welfare Office,​ available in English​​​, French​, and Spanish​



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