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TWD : Events: XVIII. International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) 2015
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XVIII. International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) 2015


Berlin, Germany

Start Time

24/08/2015 00:00

End Time

27/08/2015 23:59


We are happy to welcome you to the website of the XVIII. International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) 2015, from 24.08. - 27.08.2015 in the Henry Ford Building, Berlin. On behalf of the International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS) and the local organisations responsible for organising this International Plant Protection Congress series, we are pleased to invite you to attend and contribute to this 18th Congress. The program of activities being developed jointly by the three German organisations (DPG, JKI and IVA) together with IAPPS is aimed to address many of the key issues faced by farmers, governments and plant protection scientists in meeting the challenge of designing and implementing appropriate and sustainable plant protection measures. We welcome your attendance and contributions to this unique international and multi disciplinary congress on all aspects of plant protection in the exciting city of Berlin.



All Day Event






24/08/2015 02:00 to 28/08/2015 01:00


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