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TWD : News: 9th ISFFEI Proceedings


9th ISFFEI Proceedings




​Dear All Presentors of 9th ISFFEI,

It is 6 weeks already after the 9th International Symposium on fruit flies of Economic Importance in Bangkok, Thailand.  I would like to express my thanks to all of you for your excellent papers, of both oral and poster presentation.  Without all of you this symposium will not meet the objective so please accept once again my  heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for your coming and the valuable cooperation given to us.

In this connection, I would like to inform that the Proceedings of the 9th ISFFEI will be published in electronic format by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand with the respective ISBN. The book is open to all the works presented during the 9th ISSFEI (oral and posters presentations) and the subject should be linked to the one presented and published in the abstract book. Therefore it is encouraged that authors present the same title and abstract as it appears in the abstract book.

All Authors are requested to send publication statement of each contribution (oral or poster) presented at the symposium by 15th July to the 9th ISFFEI secretariat.

Attached: Author's Instructions and Consent for 9th ISFFEI Proc.

Best regards,

Watchreeporn Orankanok


Watchreeporn Orankanok
Director, Pest Management Division,
Bureau of Agri. Product Quality Development,
Department of Agricultural Extension,
Paholyothin Road, Chatujak Bangkok 10900, THAILAND.
Tel: +66 2579 2132; + 66 2940 6187; +66 2940 6188
Fax: +66 2579 2132
e-mail :

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Author's Instructions.pdf    
CONSENT FOR Proceeding of 9th ISFFEI.doc    
Created at 02/07/2014 22:28 by Abdeljelil Bakri
Last modified at 02/07/2014 22:47 by Abdeljelil Bakri