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​Insect Science, accepted and published online: 

17 JUN 2014

DOI: 10.1111/1744-7917.12148


Methyl eugenol (ME) (1,2-dimethoxy- 4 -(2-propenyl)benzene), a natural phytochemical, did enhance male Bactrocera carambolae Drew & Hancock (Diptera: Tephritidae) mating competitiveness 3 days after ingestion. Enhanced male mating competitiveness can significantly increase the effectiveness of the sterile insect technique (SIT). ME application to mass reared sterile flies by feeding is infeasible. ME application by aromatherapy however, would be a very practical way of ME application in fly emergence and release facilities. This approach was shown to enhance mating competitiveness of B. carambolae 3 days post-treatment (DPT). Despite this added benefit, every additional day of delaying release will reduce sterile fly quality and will add cost to SIT application. The present study was planned to assess the effects of ME-aromatherapy on male B. carambolae mating competitiveness 1 and 2 DPT. ME aromatherapy 1 or 2 DPT did enhance mating competitiveness of B. carambolae males whereas ME feeding 1 and 2 DPT did not. Male mating competitiveness was enhanced by the ME aromatherapy irrespective if they received 1, 2 or 3 DPT. ME aromatherapy, being a viable approach for its application, did enhance mating competitiveness of male B. carambolae 1d post treatment as ME feeding did 3 d after ingestion.


Ihsan ul Haq, Marc J.B. Vreysen, Carlos Cacéres, Todd E. Shelly and Jorge Hendrichs


  • Bactrocera carambolae;
  • mating competitiveness;
  • methyl-eugenol;
  • ME feeding;
  • ME aromatherapy;
  • post-treatment effect;
  • SIT

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