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How to Become a Member
  1. Register on NUCLEUS and fill out the simple form. NUCLEUS is the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge and Information portal.
  2. An account activation message will be sent to your email address.
  3. Please follow the "Activate Account" link to complete your account creation and gain access to the TWD site's resources under NA-IPC.
  4. Please inform the administrator of your NUCLEUS accounts.
  5. If you already have a NUCLEUS account, you will just need to inform the administrators of your account.


What you can do as a Member
  1. You can read all the available information on the TWD page.
  2. You can take part in the discussion forum.
  3. As a member you will have access to our database with over 1200 members from across the world, thus being able to establish contacts and stay in touch with the community of tephritid workers.


What you can do as a Non-Member
  1. Non-Members can read all the available information
  2. Non-Members cannot contribute in any kind of form to the News and Discussion section of the page.
  3. Non-Members cannot contact any member on the member's list.