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About Us

Welcome to the TAAO!
Tephritid fruit flies are among the world’s most destructive horticultural pests, infesting a wide range of fruit and impacting on regional quarantine, trade, and food security. They are also an incredibly diverse group of insects and the subject of fundamental research into biodiversity, evolution, and general biology.
The Asian, Australian, and Oceanic region is a centre of tephritid diversity, particularly of genus Bactrocera which contains over 500 species; and regional horticulture is seriously affected by pests such as the Oriental Fruit Fly (B. dorsalis), the Melon Fly (B. cucurbitae), and the Guava Fruit Fly (B. correcta) to name just a few.
The ‘Tephritid workers of Asia, Australia, and Oceania’ (TAAO) was established as an independent professional and scientific organization with the purpose of bringing together tephritid workers from across the region. The TAAO’s specifically aims to:

  1. Broaden interaction and collaboration among tephritid workers from the region
  2. Enhance capacity to develop and deploy effective diagnostic and management programmes
  3. Provide a centralised forum for researchers, agencies, and regulators to access and obtain specific information or to contact regional tephritid workers
  4. Foster collegiality among tephritid workers in the region
  5. Educate the wider community about the biological importance of tephritids and their impact on regional horticulture.

Regular conferences are planned, with the TAAO aiming to host its first regional symposium in Kuala Lumpur in 2016. More details will be posted closer to the date.

Click here for more information on how to become a member!


The composition of the TAAO Steering Committee:

Mark Schutze (Australia) as Chair, 

Alvin Hee (Malaysia) Chair of the organizing committee of the First TAAO Symposium (Malaysia 2016)

Zhihong Li (China)

Sujinda Thanaphum (Thailand)

Suksom Chinvinijkul (Thailand)

Sandeep Singh (India)

Tati Suryati Syamsudin (Indonesia)

Kenji Tsuruta (Japan)

Keng Hong Tan (Malaysia)

Phil Taylor (Australia)

Annastasia Priscilla Kawi (Papua New Guinea).