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About us

Acerca de nosotros

Fruit flies are a major pest of fruit crops worldwide. To avoid or minimize the losses caused by these insect pests, phytosanitary programs have been implemented in various parts of the world.

The Working Group on Fruit Flies of the Western Hemisphere has its origins in the 1980s when it was proposed to bring together researchers and technical staff in charge of the programs against the Mediterranean fruit fly in Guatemala, Mexico and the United States. The aim was to analyze and discuss research needs and priorities in order to confront more effectively the problems facing these programs.

Later, a  similar group was formed to meet the research needs of programs against fruit flies of the genus Anastrepha on the American continent. In 1990, following the agreement to unite these two groups, the working group on Fruit Flies of the Western Hemisphere was established (History of the Working Group).

In the past three decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of programs implemented against fruit flies in the Western Hemisphere. Our Working Group has experienced similar growth. Seven meetings have been held since its establishment:

·         1st – October 1992 – San José, Costa Rica
·         2nd – August 1996 – Viña del Mar, Chile
·         3rd – July 1999 – Guatemala City, Guatemala
·         4th – May 2001 – Mendoza, Argentina
·         5th – May 2004 – Fort Lauderdale, USA
·         6th – September 2006 – Salvador, Brazil
·         7th – November 2008 – Mazatlán, México
·         8th – July – August 2012, Panama City, Panama

The last meeting, held in Mazatlán, Mexico, had 243 participants coming from 20 countries. Under the scheme of networking, our goals are:

  • To promote the exchange of information, knowledge, ideas and experiences that allows feedback and innovation in research, methods development and action programs.
  • To facilitate communication and encourage collaboration among scientists, operational program officers and the industry.
  • To serve as a platform for collaboration among countries and international agencies.
  • To contribute to the sustainable solution of fruit fly problems in the Americas.

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