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This sections gathers theoretical, analytical or practical simulation codes, sorted by applications. Search and filtering may be performed by accessing drop down menus on titles of the column. For more information, please visit the FAQ page.
You can add information, links and or executable/compilable files by clicking on "Add new item" below the list.
NRCSoftware tool to model radiation beamsWindowsFreeware
V. Palonen et al.A program for Bayesian analysis of Accelerator Mass SpectrometryWindowsFreeware Mass Spectrometry
François SchiettekatteCorteo is a Monte Carlo (MC) simulation program intended to make possible MC simulations of ion beam analysis spectra within a few seconds. Implemented techniques include RBS, ERD, RBS-TOF, ERD-TOF and coincidence of identical ions.Windows (32-64b), MacFreeware Beam Analysis P. Barradas, Chris JeynesThe IBA DataFurnace is a computer code to self-consistently extract elemental depth profiles from MeV ion beam analysis spectra,  including RBS, non-Rutherford BS and ERDA, NRA and Beam Analysis
Edit SzilágyiCalculation of energy and depth resolution of RBS and ERD analysis techniquesWindowsFreeware Beam Analysis
Chris RyanQuantitative micro-PIXE imaging and analysis softwareWindows, LinuxSoftware Beam Analysis
J.L. CampbellGUPIXWIN is a versatile software package for fitting PIXE spectra from thin, thick, intermediate and layered specimens.WindowsSoftware Beam Analysis
Carlos Pascual-Izarra Hotstop is scientific software that allows to extract experimental ion stopping force curves from RBS spectra (as well as to estimate uncertainties) It uses Simulated Annealing and Bayesian Inference algorithms. WindowsFreeware interactions
Jacopo FornerisSimulation of 1-dimensional IBIC experimentWindowsFreeware interactions
Carlos P. IsarraOpen source library for Particle Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) simulation.WindowsFreeware Beam Analysis
Kai ArstilaMCERD is a Monte Carlo simulation program, which is used for simulations of ERD (Elastic Recoil Detection) measurements. Windows, LinuxFreeware Beam Analysis
Nuno P. BarradasNDF is a DOS code dedicated to the analysis of RBS, ERDA, PIXE, non-resonant NRA and NDP data for any ion, any target, any geometry, and number of spectra. The free version of NDF is a simulator only. It does not implement fitting or Bayesian inference.DOSFreeware Beam Analysis
Geoff GrimeA complete software and hardware solution for collecting and processing data from a nuclear microprobe facility.WindowsSoftware Acquisition
Bronk RamseyA program designed for the analysis of chronological information from 14C dating experimentsWindowsFreeware dating
Tatsuhiko Sato et al.General purpose Monte Carlo particle transport simulation code.Software Optics
IAEAQuantitative X-ray analysis systemWindowsFreeware Beam Analysis
Mike ThompsonRBS analysis package, providing comprehensive analysis and simulation of RBS and ERD spectra.DOSFreeware Beam Analysis
Alexander GurbichThe SigmaCalc software has been developed in order to provide the IBA scientist with a tool for computing the differential cross sections required for an analytical work. OnlineFreeware Beam Analysis
Matej MayerSIMNRA is a Microsoft Windows program for the simulation of non-Rutherford backscattering, nuclear reactions and elastic recoil detection analysis with MeV ionsWindowsShareware Beam Analysis
Julien L. ColauxExcel-based code to generate complex targets for SIMNRAWindowsFreeware Beam Analysis
Ian VickridgeSimulation of excitation curves of samples around very narrow nuclear resonances WindowsFreewareRequest to the author: ian.vickridge@insp.jussieu.frIon Beam Analysis
James F. ZieglerSRIM is a collection of software packages which calculate many features of the transport of ions in matter, such as ion stoppings and ranges, implantation depth-profiles, sputteringWindowsFreeware interactions
Roger P. WebbA quick ion implantation calculator.WindowsFreeware interactions
Claire HabchiReconstruction of STIM tomography data WindowsFreewareRequest to the Author : habchi@cenbg.in2p3.frIon Beam Analysis