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2018Guidance on the Management of Disused Radioctive SourcesCode of Conduct
2014Management of Disused Sealed Radioactive SourcesNuclear EnergyNW-T-1.3
2009Policies and Strategies for Radioactive Waste ManagementNuclear EnergyNW-G-1.1
2005Categorization of Radioactive SourcesRadiation SafetyRS-G-1.9
2011Nuclear Security Recommendations on Radioactive Material and Associated FacilitiesNuclear SecurityNSS No. 14
2016Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Framework for SafetyGeneral Safety RequirementsGSR Part 1 (Rev.1)
2011Disposal of Radioactive WasteSpecific Safety RequirementsSSR-5
2009Borehole Disposal Facilities for Radioactive WasteSafety Specific GuidesSSG-1
2009Predisposal Management of Radioactive WasteGeneral Safety RequirementsGSR Part 5
2004Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive SourcesCode of Conduct
2009Security of Radioactive SourcesNuclear SecurityNSS No. 11
2014Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety StandardsGeneral Safety RequirementsGSR Part 3
2013The Safety Case and Safety Assessment for the Predisposal Management of Radioactive WasteGeneral Safety GuidesGSG-3
2012Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive SourcesCode of Conduct
2019Operations Manual for Incident and Emergency CommunicationSafety Fundamentals
2006Manual for First Responders to a Radiological Emergency
2011National Strategy for Regaining Control over Orphan Sources and Improving Control over Vulnerable SourcesSafety Specific Guides19