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Welcome to the IAEA Network of Environmental Management and Remediation - ENVIRONET

Experience has shown that interaction between the less experienced and the more experienced countries and organizations may contribute to better conditions for implementing environmental remediation projects. To inspire countries to share their knowledge and experience as well as to promote and facilitate collaboration, ENVIRONET was created. The basis for the network has been built over the past decade as a number of remediation methods have been developed worldwide to deal with environmental clean-up of radiologically contaminated sites. However, the methods vary in terms of sophistication and costs and must be selected on a case-by-case basis. Hence planning is one of the most important phases of the environmental management and remediation process. In support of better implementation of remediation actions as well as in support of public and environmental protection and site monitoring, the purpose of ENVIRONET is to:

  • Coordinate support to organizations or Member States by making available the relevant skills, knowledge, managerial approaches and expertise, related to environmental management and remediation;
  • Offer a broad and diversified range of training and demonstration activities with a regional or thematic focus providing hands-on, user-oriented experience and disseminating proven technologies;
  • Facilitate sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience amongst organizations with advanced environmental management and remediation programmes;
  • Collect and share the good remediation practices by identifying and treating improper past operations , thus assuring the longer term knowledge; and
  • Provide a forum in which experts' advice and technical guidance may be provided.

For further information or questions please contact

STI/PUB/1729 (2016)
Advancing Implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Programmes tab
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Lessons Learned from Environmental Remediation Programmes tab
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Communication and Stakeholder Involvement in Environmental Remediation Projects tab
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Overcoming Barriers in the Implementation of Environmental Remediation Projects tab
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 Partnering Organizations

The next ENA workshop will be held 20—22 October 2020 in Vienna, Austria and will be hosted by AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety) in parallel to the IAEA NORM2020 Conference.

Upcoming Events

TC Practical Training Course on Policy, Strategy and Regulation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Projects
IAEA Headquarters - Vienna, Austria, from 11 to 15 May 2020

IAEA NORM 2020 Conference
IAEA Headquarters - Vienna, Austria, from 19 to 23 October 2020
(deadline for abstract submission 28/02/2020)

 INSITU Working Group

The INSITU Working Group was launched within ENVIRONET, hosted on the IAEA CONNECT platform, to produce a variety of products and services aimed at facilitating and increasing the exchange of information and experiences in the specific field of in-situ methods for characterization of sites. The ultimate goal is to build capacity in the different Member States and to facilitate the full implementation of remediation projects.