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​Welcome to the IAEA Instrumentation and Control Technologies Network - ICT

Nuclear utilities are facing challenges in several I&C areas with ageing and obsolete components and equipment. With license renewals and power uprates, the long-term operation and maintenance of obsolete I&C systems may not be a cost-effective and reliable option. As a consequence, the nuclear industry modernizes existing analog I&C systems to digital I&C, as well as implements new digital I&C systems in new plants. The increased functionality of the new digital I&C systems can also open up new possibilities to better support the operation and maintenance activities in the plant.

Through the work of the ICT Network, the IAEA provides an organizational setting for exchanging information in meetings and a forum to share lessons learned by producing technical documents in various technical areas. The forms of these activities are: Technical Meetings and Conferences; Coordinated Research Projects; Workshops and Training Courses, and Review Missions.

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