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Technical Meeting on the Technical Challenges and Advances in Fuel Fabrication for Water Reactors: Recent Experience and Future Prospects
Nuclear Fuel Engineering Network


Virtual Event

Dates: 8 β€“ 10 November 2021
Ref. No: EVT1905298

What's new (Organizer's announcement):

     Important milestones and meeting dates (Revised):

  • Due for registration (with Form A)   - 30 September 2021
  • Due for abstract submission - 15 october 2021
  • Due for presentation submission (together with Form B) - 30 October 2021  (Note: no full paper is required)
  • Meeting dates have been adjusted for 3 days (November 8-10) for efficient meeting. 

     Important information:

  •  If you are a participant, you need a member access to upload or download meeting materials.
     To request the member access, click here and follow the instructions. 
  •  If you already own the member access, click member area.

  • The TM has been successfully finished as planned.  If anyone wants to access the Member Area, please contact Scientific Secretary (


  • The purpose of the event was to exchange information on recent experience, and on-going and future activities in fuel fabrication technology. 
Target Audience
  • Staff members of nuclear fuel fabrication facilities, nuclear power plants, utilities, regulatory bodies and other organizations engaged in the design, operation and fabrication of powerreactor fuel. 

Structure and Topics

  • ​The TM covered the following 7 technical areas:

Technical area 1: Powder and pellet 

       o New reconversion processes,
       o Improvements of UO2 conversion process,
       o Doped pellets,
       o New or higher content of burnable absorbers,
       o Reprocessed uranium,
       o Thermal mixed oxide (MOX) fuel powder and pellets.

Technical area 2: Fuel rod and assembly

       o Improvement of fuel assembly components,
       o Improvement of rod and assembly welding processes,
       o Thermal MOX fuel rod and assembly,
       o Reprocessed uranium fuel rods,
       o High Assay Low Enriched Uranium (HALEU) fuel.

Technical area 3: QA/QC

       o Vision inspection system.

Technical area 4: Improvements of fabrication equipment and facilities

       o Streamlining processes,
       o Waste management – recycling,
       o Improved equipment and facilities.

Technical area 5: New type fuel/material

       o New materials for bundle fabrication (e.g. Be-replacement material for CANDU),
       o Fabrication of Advanced Technology Fuels (including Accident Tolerant Fuel, SiC fuel,
          Super-Critical Water Reactor (SCWR) fuel, Minor Actinides burning fuel, Inert Matrix
          Fuel (IMF), metallic fuel for water reactors).

Technical area 6: Adaptation of new technology 

       o Computer-aided technology,
       o 3-D printing, Nano technology,
       o Virtual reality,
       o Artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Technical ares 7: Maintaining expertise.

Participation and Registration

  • Closed as the TM was finished. 

  • Closed asa the TM was finished.
Expenditures and Grants

  • No registration fee was charged. 


Scientific Secretary: Mr Ki Seob Sim

Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology / Department of Nuclear Energy / International Atomic Energy Agency

Tel.: +43 1 2600 21921/ Fax: +43 1 26007/ Email:

Administrative Secretary:  Ms Nisha Nath-Sirimalwatta

Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology / Department of Nuclear Energy / International Atomic Energy Agency

Tel.: +43 1 2600 22767/ Fax: +43 1 26007/ Email:

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