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Welcome to the IAEA International Network on Nuclear Knowledge Management - NKM

​To ensure safety, we have a responsibility not only to establish adequate technical knowledge and experience in our nuclear organizations but also to maintain it. Nuclear knowledge management is a key factor in assuring that nuclear organizations maintain the necessary competence and organizational ability over the long-term to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably. The ultimate goal of the NKM Network is to serve as an international forum to increase the understanding and application of nuclear knowledge management practices.

Network Objectives

  • Build professional relationships and a community of practice (CoP) among knowledge management specialists and subject matter experts in nuclear organizations;
  • Facilitate, share and transfer NKM expertise, good practices, and experience in a collegial way through various means such as online forums, shared resources, common initiatives and face-to-face meetings;
  • Engage Member States in NKM programmes and promote the establishment of KM networks and/or CoPs;
  • Facilitate and encourage collaboration in the area of knowledge management, for example to address life-cycle KM in operating facilities;
  • Promote awareness, understanding and use of state of the art knowledge management technologies.  

For further information or questions please contact

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