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Welcome to the Research Reactor Information Hub!

The International Atomic Energy Agency's Research Reactor Section (RRS) works within the Department of Nuclear Energy to increase the capability of interested Member States for planning, building, utilizing and maintaining research reactors.

Using this site as just one of our tools, we strive to equip Member States with the most pertinent, up-to-date information about their research reactor projects and share the work we do in the RRS so that Member States might benefit.

For further information or questions please contact​​

2021 NES NF-T-3.9
Research Reactor Spent Fuel Management: Options and Support to Decision Making tab
2021 Nuclear Energy Series NR-T-5.9
Specific Considerations in the Assessment of the Status of the National Nuclear Infrastructure for a New Research Reactor Programme tab
2021 Nuclear Energy Series NR-G-5.1
Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems for New and Existing Research Reactors tab
2021 Nuclear Energy Series
Impact of Fuel Density on Performance and Economy of Research Reactors tab
2020 IAEA Services Series No. 44
Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance Assessment for Research Reactors (OMARR) tab
2020 STI/PUB/1927Summary of an International Conference Held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 25–29 November 2019
Research Reactors: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities to Ensure Effectiveness and Sustainability tab
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series/sites/connect/RRIPpublic/PublishingImages/1659.jpg
Technical Requirements in the Bidding Process for a New Research Reactor tab
Material Properties of Unirradiated Uranium–Molybdenum (U–Mo) Fuel for Research Reactors tab
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series/sites/connect/RRIPpublic/PublishingImages/1627.jpg
Applications of Research
Reactors tab
Analyses Supporting Conversion of Research Reactors from High Enriched Uranium Fuel to Low Enriched Uranium Fuel tab
Development of an Integrated
Approach to Routine
Automation of Neutron
Activation Analysis tab
Advances in Neutron Activation Analysis of Large Objects with Emphasis on Archaeological Examples tab
IAEA Nuclear Energy Series/sites/connect/RRIPpublic/PublishingImages/1771.png
Strategic Planning for Research Reactors tab
IAEA-TECDOC-2024 (2023)
Research Reactor Exercises for Higher Education Programmes tab

Research Reactor Bibliography: containing all publications related to Research Reactor

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66th GC Side Event on Keeping the Research Reactor Fleet in Good Shape: Ageing Mgmt, Refurbishments and Upgrades
(Hybrid Event, 28 Sept 2022)

65th GC Side Event on Research Reactor Database: Upgrade ​of the IAEA Research Reactor Information System 
(Hybrid Event, 22 Sept 2021)
65th GC Side Event on European Nuclear Experimental Educational Platform and Nuclear Capacity Building Based on RR 
(Hybrid Event, 24 Sept 2021)

Current Highlights

The new Research Reactor Database has been officially launched on 16 Dec 2021. You can visit the site here and explore its new features!

The Research Reactor managed databases:

Research Reactor Database: containing information on the characteristics and utilization of the world's research reactors

Research Reactor Ageing Database: containing reports on ageing-related events and response

Research Reactor Material Property Database: containing studies of the properties of research reactor structural materials