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Welcome to the IAEA Research Reactor Material Properties Database

What is the Research Reactor Material Properties Database

This is a compilation of reports, from open literature and participating member states; selected reviewed and validated by the participants of an IAEA coordinated research project entitled “Establishment of Material Properties Database for Irradiated Core Structural Components for Continued Safe Operation and Lifetime Extension of Ageing Research Reactors” and provided with facility for search based on certain key words. In future, it will be developed into a relational database.

What this Database is for 

The database is for reference and use by research reactor designers, operators and regulators in facilitating assessment of life of the core structural components and planning refurbishment or replacement as most of such components are difficult to approach.

How it works

The Database is comprised of reports on properties of materials of structures and components of a research reactor core. The reports were provided to the IAEA's by Member States. The reports are located in the restricted area and an account in NUCLEUS is required to access them.

Every report has attributed to it metadata, which serves as a set of filters to create a list of reports on specific matter only. The metadata comprised of bibliographical information and properties of materials and components. The materials and components search criteria, in turn, can be further detailed. By selecting one or more filter criteria, or its combination, a corresponding list of reports is displayed.

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